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Hello all, I have finally made the choice to go 5.2 surround. I currently run Triton 2+ powered by a 300watt plus Class D amp with a Denon X3800H...
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Hello everyone. I am the happy owner of a pair SuperSat 3 speakers. They are driven by a Marantz SR1100. This receiver is on the low end of driver...
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Hi all, I hope someone can answer my question. I was wondering if it ok to use Supersat 3 or 3c as Atmos ceiling speakers. I have solid concrete...
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I am considering some changes in my system setup. Part of that would entail moving my SuperSat 60c from it’s current shelf-mounted position and...
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The SuperSat 3 are understandably thin on the bass end. What do you guys recommend for a crossover setting for the SuperSat 3s in a 7.2.4 setup? I'm...
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I currently have an all SuperSat3 5.1 speaker setup in my basement and will be adding 2 more SuperSat3 speakers on the side walls for Dolby Atmos....
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Greetings, Planned setup in Media room is 5.1.2 with Triton Supercenter XXL, Triton 2+ Fronts (Planned), Triton 3 Rears, Supersat 60c's for Atmos,...
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Can someone tell me the measurement from the end of the Supersat60 speaker to the middle of the speaker wire binding posts? Thanks in advance.
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I have an all SuperSat 3 speaker set-up with L/C/R and surrounds with a FF 4 sub. I have a new Anthem MRX-720. I am trying to get my speakers set-up...
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Looking for some advice. My system is as follows 5.1.2 Supersat 60c center @200 watts Supersat 60 front R/L @200 watts Supersat 50 rear R/L @200...
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file ARC Cutoff frequency
I have thee Anthen 710 with Superstat 50/50c. When I run the Anthem Room Correction it si giving 110hz as the cut off for LCR channels. Is rhat ok?...
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Hi :-) I'm creating a new system comprising of the SuperSat 50 L/R/C for the front and two SuperSat3 for the rear L/R. I would like to know if...
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Hello friends, I'm considering either the SuperSat 50/60 as my surrounds (joining Ones and SuperCenterXXL). Problem is that my speaker wires on the...
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Just curious how it would work out? I cant see spending $250.00 for each of my speakers in my system and having to spend $1000.00 for invisa HTR's....
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Hi All. New and proud owner of Aon3 as front mains in a 5.1 set up. I am using my old Canton AV 500 for my center. It sounds good to me with the Aon3....
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I have a room with built in bookshelves in the rear of the room. I'm contemplation using supersat 50c's for the rear channels and placing them on top...
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I have upgraded my front left/right speakers from SuperSat 50's to Triton 3's. In the process I am migrating from 5.1 to 7.1 where my two back...
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I recently replaced my Cambridge Soundworks Biopole/Diopole surrounds with Super Sat 3. They do not fill the room with sound as well at least when...
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I'm pretty new to this, so please excuse me, this may be a dumb question. I'm starting to build a home theater set up and am going to start out small...
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Hi. Can I mount the supersat 50 horizontally for surrounds? Thanks
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