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Great condition, no issues, purchased from authorized dealer, about 6 yrs old. $2200, local pick up, central Ky. I do have the original boxes....
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The T66 is an exciting extension to the speaker family by AudioQuest designers! New crossover, driver redesign, etc. What can we expect for future...
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Welcome back, GoldenEar forum! I would love to see an expansion of GoldenEar information on their products, especially new, or envisioned in the...
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Hello all! I have Triton Two+ speakers, absolutely love them. Right now I'm simply running speaker wires for full range. However I am getting a...
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I installed four HTR-7000s as top fronts and top backs and also bought two HTR-8000s thinking I was going to install them in my kitchen, but that may...
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Hi All, I have a pair of SuperSat 3 and a pair of Super Sat 50. I'd like to use them on the ceiling as Atmos speakers but that means orienting them...
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Not even a temp flash of the green power light. My FF3 had issues during the warranty period and even that would flash green when I plugged it in for...
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My left speaker developed a rumble. It persists without input from receiver. The volume of the rumble is not driven volume dependent and the...
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