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Max SPL Triton One.R
by mesterha
12 hours 25 minutes ago
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Hi All, Just got a pair of Triton 5's and they will only be used to play music (mostly rock/pop) in a two channel system. Can anyone provide...
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Hi all, long story short—this is about my original Triton Two’s purchased in 2015 which are running off of a Marantz SR-7010—there are many...
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I'm guessing about 42." I'd like to know its height off the floor relative to my ears in my seating position. Then I could be compulsive about how...
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I am building my first real audio system by upgrading piece by piece my current setup. Soon I'll have triton 5's and want to make sure I drive them...
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Does anyone have the directions for replacing the amps in a Triton 2? I received the replacement parts today from Goldenear ( thanks thanks thanks)...
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I loved my T1's but decided to do the R1s. I am not happy with the R1s the highs and mids are good but the bass is gone. Songs that use to be punchy...
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Hi, I am now upgrading me GE system to have Two Triton One R’s in front, Two Triton 2’s in rear, A Forcefield Sub in the rear and a aGE Center...
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Hi I have had massive humming issues in my system for a while. I thought it was preamp that was the culprit. I have taken the preamp out of the...
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I’ve added 2 SVS subs (SB-3000) to my room, and I really like them in a nearfield position crossed over at 70 hz. They’re literally inches to the...
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I posted a, 'that's my problem too', comment on raywindu's post a month back. However his issue seemed to be with the tweeter section though... A...
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Hi-- I currently have the following 5.1 setup: - Two T7's as front (set to small w/ Denon receiver) with LFE crossover at frequency Sandy recommends -...
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Triton 2+ with 2 SVS Subs or Triton One.R only ? -Room is large - 23’x23’ with 13’ ceilings -For Music only (hip-hop, alternative, rock) -I...
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New Triton Three+ owner here :) My setup is a bit limited in how far I can separate my front mains, basically keeping them to the edges of the TV,...
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Anyone know if the loud poopping noise that happens like 1 or 2 times every few minutes means.? i unplugged it and back in and still does it and light...
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Just got a new Emotiva RMC-1L processor and XPA -5 Gen3 power amp. The processor does not have a dedicated LFE output but instead they suggest using...
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Does anyone know how the Triton and 1 compare to the def tech 8080 towers, which were also designed by Sandy Gross? Would there be a significant...
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what stand is suitable for the GE Triton refrence/ XXL center channels in HT ?..
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Hi, first time on this board. I am looking to upgrade my SC77 Pioneer elite AVR to Denton AVR 4700 and I need help with my atmos 5.1.2 setup. I...
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Hi…I’ve been a GE owner for several years and love their speakers. Recently while watching a movie it seemed that the highs are lacking brightness...
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Does anyone here using the SVS isolation feet under their Triton ones or any other types like AQ ?..
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