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question-circle All in-ceiling 5.1.2
Could I make 5.1.2 work in-ceiling (except sub), meaning far from ideal but still enjoyable/believable for a family room? Would this setup be best or...
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I recently installed a pair of Invisa SPS’s in my living room. I had high expectations for them, having owned Triton 5’s and a current owner of...
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Hi all, looking to put these speakers in the brick/veneer external wall. These walls have a gap of 220mm between brickwork and plaster - would these...
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Hi Everyone! I need some help with regards to two room setups. I have read a lot of the questions and want to confirm I am doing the right thing....
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I have the following setup in my family room: L/C/R: Invisa 7000 SBR/SBL: Invisa 650 Sub: Forcefield 3 Receiver: Integra DTR50.5 In reading the...
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After much research into architectural (ceiling/wall) speakers, I decided on the GoldenEar Invisa HTR-7000's for my 5.1 system. Due to some room...