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Rilo Posted 4 years 11 months ago
Hi Everyone!

I need some help with regards to two room setups. I have read a lot of the questions and want to confirm I am doing the right thing.

First room is 17' 7" wide and 34' long. The ceiling on the right side is roughly 8' tall and pitches to roughly 11' tall on the left side.

I will be using the SPS for LCR on the front wall.

Based on the ceiling being 11 feet on the left side (due to pitch) I think it is too high to really use 7000 for atmos speakers so will use 650 to fire straight down. The atmos placement should be about 1-2 feet in front of the couch and 1-2 feet behind?

The couch will be 17' from the front so I have 17' behind the couch to place the 7000s for rear speakers. I assume 15' should be enough? It is a little tricky due to the pitch and really could use your opinion so I don't screw this up :). Ceiling and walls are completely open so I want to get it right and not regret a poor install.
Second room is a large 22' x 22' kitchen. flat ceiling around 8.3 feet high. I would like to play awesome music in there as we will spend a lot of time there and want to install the best all around speakers with bass etc. Should I just install 2 650s?? I assume the 7000 need a preferred listening position and won't work in this application? Should I install two 652s instead to get more dispersion for the room?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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