file HTR-7000 5.1 System

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CeeDubyaDee Posted 10 years 11 months ago
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After much research into architectural (ceiling/wall) speakers, I decided on the GoldenEar Invisa HTR-7000's for my 5.1 system. Due to some room limitations (a beamed ceiling), I had 4 of the HTR-7000's installed in the ceiling, along with a SuperSat 3 center channel and a Forcefield 4 sub. The local dealer in my area (Detroit) did the install and they did a great job locating the speakers, which was tricky due to the beams.

I went the architectural route to keep the wife happy and hopefully upgrade my HTR system in the process. My hope was to achieve a clean look and reclaim some space in the family room without compromising on sound quality. The GolderEars have exceeded my expectations. The HTR-7000's focus the sound in and around the listening position. I was fearful that it would sound like it was coming from the ceiling, but it does not. The Forcefield is quite musical while delivering the low notes and has quite a bit of punch for the LFE's. The Sat 3 center is adequate in my room, but without the wife factor, I would have opted to mount a SuperSat 50 under the TV instead. The Sat 3 is hidden behind a grill in my entertainment center, where none of the other GoldenEar products would fit.

Nine months update:

I am as enthusiastic about my system now as I was when it was first installed. The speakers are broken in now and deliver such pure, sweet sound. I couldn't recommend them more. The HTR's do not sound like ceiling speakers at all. They deliver their sound as if their tweeters were sitting at ear height. As I have already stated, we freed a up a significant amount of space by going this route, without sacrificing sound quality at all. I am very pleased with this system.

I truly love this setup. Thanks, GoldenEar for producing high quality architectural products that sound fantastic and are affordably priced while appeasing the wife factor as well. She still is constantly telling me to turn the volume down, but I understand that even GoldenEar has limitations. Thanks again.

Wes Duncan
Beverly Hills, MI

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Moderator Posted 10 years 11 months ago
Nice! Thanks for the great feedback - enjoy!

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