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kevin Posted 13 years 4 months ago
I plan on getting the triton two's in the future but first I plan on getting the
supersat 3. My question if I get the supersat 3 can I use the supersat 50 as my center channel. Will the 50 overpower the the 3's? I only ask if something happens
and I can't afford the triton's and have to buy 2 more of the supersat 3's will it sound bad?

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Moderator Posted 13 years 4 months ago
Funny you should ask, I just got through spending a couple weeks with a 50C along with SuperSat 3's for L/R and Surrounds and a ForceField 3 Sub - it sounded spectacular. Remember the center channel does most of the work in a Home Theater system, so having the bigger center is really ideal. When you set up the system just make sure to adjust the test tone levels so the center and left/right levels are the same. Starting with the 3's and a 50C now, then adding the Tritons and moving the SS3's to the surrounds is a great building-block approach to a TritonCinema Two.

You will also need a subwoofer with the 50C and 3's, until you get your Tritons.

Thanks for your interest!

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