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lmclacr Posted 1 year 9 months ago
First thing first, I have to start by saying how amazed I am seing this community. There are tons of values in this forum. Don't think other brands are doing something coming even close to this. Thanks Goldenear!

Back to the main reason of my post. I am looking to upgrade my Home Theater and will do some changes. First thing is to replace my speakers. I currently run 5.2.4 Layerbed being Monitor Audio Silver series and Atmos being RSL.
My room is an irregular shape (around 16X14 with 11' Ceiling). I listen about 70% movies and 30% music.
Receiver is the SR8012 but the plan is to upgrade this part as well in the futur to Anthem Processor and a Emotiva power amp.

I recently demo the Goldenear Triton 2+ and I love them. Rarely I got that joy listening to music. So I am about to pull the trigger in getting the triton 2+ and the Subcenter XL. Still debating if I should get a sub and if the supersub XL would be overkill... however here is what I need your expertise on...

Now the question....
What would you recommend for my Surround speakers that need to be put behind the wall. (See pictures)
The options I am evaluating are Supersat 3, Supersat 50 or the MPX inwall.

As my seating area are close to the back wall, (back seat about 18" from the wall) I removed the Aron as an option.

The back wall is exterior so it has isolation in it. Not sure if this impact the sound...

I like feeling a back presence so I want to keep a balance with my LCR. I don't want to cut budget for the surround, but on the other side, I don't want to overkill it neither and waste money that I will not make difference in the sound.

So which surround would you recommend?

Community.. What is your take?
Moderator... Your advices are more than welcome.


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Moderator Posted 1 year 9 months ago
Hi Imclacr, Ultimately, the SuperSat 3s, SuperSat 50s, and Invisa MPXs would all work well as your surrounds. Given a choice, however, I'd lean toward the Invisa MPXs. Since your listening position is fairly close to the back wall, the angled drivers used in the Invisa MPXs would produce a great balance of focused sound and spaciousness. When installing these speakers into your rear wall, I would recommend placing some fiberglass insulation in the wall cavity behind them. This will help dampen the bass a bit. Happy Listening!

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