file Height Layer Placement question.

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mbsales11701 Posted 3 years 4 months ago

I am dying to try Atmos but I am working with a limited theater room which is a converted garage. My issue is two fold, which is limiting my speaker selection

1) I have a header built across the room about 1/4 of the way into the room, and the TV is at the end, getting speaker wire through it is going to be daunting

2)I am not in a position to chop up the drywall to get the speakerwire from ceiling to wall and down, so installing ceiling speakers is a no go.

My idea instead is to run Ghostwire speaker cable and plug them into wall or ceiling mounted Supersats, which will be mounted in an Auro 3D configuration of 12.1...I am skipping the VOG speaker for now as I plan to listen to Atmos discs and music.

My layout will be as follows:

L&R Height - SuperSat 3
Center Height - Supersat 50C
L&R Rear Height Surround - SuperSat3
L&R Mains - Triton 1
L&R Surrounds - Triton 2
L&R Rear Surrounds - Supersat 50
Center - SuperCenter XXL

Denon x8500h controls all.

My room is 17' long, 10' wide, and 7' high, so not ideal at all. MLP is 8' from the toed in Triton 1's, 3' from the Triton 2's which are butted up against the back of my couch, toed and pointed at the MLP, on the same plane as the Triton 1's, and the SS50's are 7' behind the MLP, toed toward the MLP and wall mounted so the ribbon is ear height, again on the same plane at the T1's...which for the base layer is spec'd exactly how both Dolby and Auro want it.

My question is regarding the height layer. Auro recommends 30° from the MLP, directly above the LCR and Side Surrounds, leaving the Rear Surrounds empty. Since I am using a 50C and SS3's (the 50c is bigger than needed but i bought it for 250 bucks in mint condition), do you think it would be more beneficial to wall mount the three speakers (leaving them about 2 feet behind the SCXXL and T1', or ceiling mount them on the same vertical plane as the XXL and T1's and angle them towards the MLP (al la HTR7000's) My main concern with the difference is the time alignment, i dont want to ruin the effect by having the heights further away from the MLP while wall mounted, but ceiling mounting them will throw the recommended angle placement way off.

The side surround height speakers same thing...wall amount behind the T2's approx 24", or ceiling mount on the same vertical plane and point in toward the MLP?

Am I making a big deal about a millisecond difference in the timing? How do you feel about the using the auro config with Atmos playback?

Thank you everyone!


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Moderator Posted 3 years 4 months ago
Hi mbsales11701, Considering your system is a top-of-the-line audio and home theater system, I would recommend placing your front and side height speakers onto the ceiling (as recommended by Auro 3D). You've taken your system this far, I'd rather not compromise with the placement of your height speakers. You'll have a more natural, immersive sound experience with your height speakers mounted onto the ceiling surface. Ultimately, it would be acceptable to mount the front and side height speakers to the front wall and side walls of your listening room, however, you wouldn't be hearing what your system is truly capable of producing. Happy Listening!

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