file Triton 2s too big for my room?

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stantheman Posted 12 years 6 months ago
I want to pull the trigger on a set of Triton 2s, Supersat 50C. and 2 Supersat 3s. I will use the setup more for HDTV and bluray movies than music, but sound quality for music is my touchstone. From my research, I have two concerns: first, several posts imply that the Triton 2s work best in larger rooms. However, my HT room is only 13' x 14'. Will they "overwhelm" the room or will I be OK?

Second, is there any particular placement locations that will maximize their overall performance? I have some practical space limitations - I'd like to keep the speaker fronts maybe 2 to 2.5' from the back wall and maybe 7' apart (spanning a 58" wall-mounted plasma), which would put them 3' from the side walls. The ceiling height is 8', and the room is fairly absorptive - the floor is carpeted, there is a leather sectional on one side wall and the back wall, and the other side wall has shelves 5 'wide by 5' high filled with dvds and cds. Can I reasonably expect the SuperCinema system to perform well in this environment - i.e., is the system relatively forgiving of room variations? If not, what general changes would I need to make to achieve the performance the speakers are capable of?

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Moderator Posted 12 years 6 months ago
Thanks for your interest in the GoldenEar TritonCinema system. I'll try my best to answer your questions.

Regarding room size, any speaker with significant bass extension and output like the Triton Two will potentially overload a small, enclosed space at higher volumes (as would a separate powered sub). It depends on a lot of factors - but some simple solutions are: a) Turn it down, or b) open a door to the room (if that's a possibility). With the Triton Two you have the ability to adjust the bass to the room thanks to the powered woofer section's volume control, so you'd have a much better chance of getting good results than with the typical full-range speaker with no bass level adjustment.

Placement suggestions are discussed in the manual (and your GoldenEar dealer will have a lot of experience in this too). The description of your room and speaker placement plans seem reasonable and I would expect excellent results. The only change I would suggest is that the front speakers should be further apart, I would put them 1 to 1.5 feet out from the side walls, rather than 3 feet, to maximize this distance.

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