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mbsales11701 Posted 4 years 4 months ago
Thank you in advance for your expertise.

I am a disabled Veterans for the US Marine Corps who has just purchased my first home. Unfortunately due to various medical conditions and issues, I rarely leave my house, so the home theater build out will allow me to hopefully enjoy the movies I love so much without having to go to a theater.

Nothing has been actually purchased yet, so my plans are up in the air, but I have tentative deals set up locally to purchase the gear second hand as that is all I can afford using the money I saved from my disability payments.

My room is 12ft wide, by 17.5ft in length, with an 8ft ceiling, basically a converted garage, the remaining garage length is reserved by a walk in closet along the back wall.

The equipment I have reserved is as follows

Triton One L/R
Supercenter XXL C
Triton Two Rear Surrounds
Supersat50 Side Surrounds
Invisa 650 x 4 for ceiling speakers
65" TV
Denon C8500h receiver

My questions are as follows:

-Since I have a relatively skinny room width wise, would it be more feasible to use the Supersat as side surround speakers over the Triton Two's?

-Again, given the skinny width, will I run in to sound issues regarding the placement of the T1's? I have been reading this forum and have seen recommendations for 3ft away from front wall, and at least 2ft away from side wall toed in towards my MLP. Im worried about the speakers sitting in my lap if my MLP is 8.5ft from the front wall. I did some approximate measurements and it looks like I will be sitting about 6ft from the face of the speaker, which i believe gives me the proper triangle?

-Do the T2's require the same setup in relation to the walls, 3ft out and 2ft in? If so, will i run in to channel separation issues with the Supersat50's if they are approximately 4ft in distance speaker. center to speakercenter from the T2's? The Supersats will be wall mounted rear of the MLP centerline by approx 2ft, and 4ft in distance between the two points.

-Will the combo of the T1's and T2's provide adequate bass coverage for this room? My other though was to get the Aon3 for Rear Surround Duty and fill in the missing low end with a SupersubX....going the latter route will increase my spend by about 600 dollars.

-Will the X8500h properly drive the 7 main speakers, or should I look at a less expensive unit and add a 7 channel power amplifier?

I am looking forward to your thoughts and guidance!

Semper Fi,

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ArthurDaniels Posted 4 years 4 months ago
Hello Alex,

Welcome to the GE Family and Forum. I am going to respond to your questions in a more general manner - others will likely chime in with more specific recommendations.

1. Purchase your gear and be prepared to enjoy the fun and excitement of learning how to set your gear and room up for best sound to your ears.

2. Be prepared to experiment with different placements of speakers, depending upon limitations imposed by your TV and seating arrangements.

3. Read the specs and recommendations, then throw the documents aside and experiment with placements to your hearts' content. What sounds best to you is what is best for you. There is no other standard worth consideration.

4. Figure out what seating arrangement and viewing angles options you have in your room. If movies and video are more important to you than music, then plan your room for maximum visual/audio enjoyment.

5. Don't worry about "feet from the wall" and other such maxims. Consider them non-binding rules of thumb and good starting points - not barriers.

6. If music is equally important to video, then you will need to decide how to get the best of both worlds in your environment. Again, charge in to the experiments.

Be prepared to make a number of location/angle/etc. changes as you go forward. The more you try, the more you will begin to discern the subtle differences and what's most important to you within the spectrum of sounds to which you are listening.

As an example, I have a 16 x 24 room, but my setup is along the long wall with my PLP not more than 6 feet away from my Triton One Front Speakers. Two TVs sit in between the speakers, which are about 12 feet apart.

I have been experimenting for many months and I expect I will continue to experiment. Music is my number one consideration. Movies are a distant second concern for me.

Enjoy the journey. It may never end.

Happy Listening,


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rjohn79395 Posted 4 years 4 months ago
Hi, Alex, and welcome to the forum!

First, thank you for your service!

That's an impressive list of gear, and speakers you are planning, it should bring hours of enjoyment.

Some thoughts re your questions.

The Denon receiver should work just fine. It has good power ratings, and an excellent DAC in the AK 4490. The powered Triton towers have their own built amps to handle the power hungry bass portion.

Re speaker placement for the Tritons, they don't HAVE to be 2' inboard from the side walls, or 3" back from the rear wall. I have my surround Tritons fairly close to the side walls and within toe in, the passive radiators have room to do their thing. My front Tritons are about 2' in from the front wall and with toe in, the backs of the speakers are about 1' in from the side walls and the front parts about 2' in, again plenty of room for the passive radiators. Each room is different acoustically, but I think the T2's as side surrounds could be placed closer in than 2' from the side walls and give you room to get around. I would recommend using the T2's as side surrounds, not rear surrounds, because there's usually more content in the side surround channels. And you can play with both T1 and T2 speaker placement. I would try placing the 1's closer than 2' away from the side walls, and a little closer than 3" from the rear wall also if you need to get some more space between the listening position and the speakers. Also, wider spacing can improve imaging some.

I have had the the T1 front/T2 surround speaker combination before, and the bass is pretty darn impressive! Re T2's vs a SuperSub X/Aon combination (if I read your question right), yes the bass from the Supersub would be some stronger. But again, T1's and T2's together are impressive also. Either would work.

Enjoy! You're building an impressive system! It will blow away sound wise what you'd typically hear in a theater.

Happy listening!

5.4.4 HT speakers: T Ref fronts/LFE 1, SuperCenter Ref, T1 surrounds/LFE 2 + SuperSub XXL, HTR 7000 top fronts, HTR 8000 top rears
Zone 2 speakers; 2 Invisa 525's
AVR: Marantz SR 8015
Amp: AT525NC 5 channel
Cable/TiVo, OPPO BDP 105D, Bluesound Node 2i, Apple tv 4K streamer

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charliehatch Posted 4 years 4 months ago
Hi Alex, and welcome!

I have little to add to what Art and Rick have said. I agree that those dimensions on speaker placement are just starting points. My only recommendation is to avoid putting your listening position in the dead center of the room (front to back, it's usually hard to avoid being in the middle side to side). Sitting in the center will amplify some room mode frequencies and suppress others and make for a more boomy sound. I suggest you experiment with seating placement along with speaker position.

I have a 2.0 system and know next to nothing about multi-channel theater setup, so I'll keep my mouth shut and bow to the experts on that one.

Good luck! I'm sure you'll enjoy the ride.

Digital source > multiple boxes and cables that are always changing > Triton Reference speakers

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GDHAL Posted 4 years 4 months ago

Hi Alex. Echoing the others in this thread, welcome to the forum and for your service.

I have little to add except to point out your room dimensions are essentially identical to mine. I thought I would provide a photo so you could visualize how your setup will in all likelihood ultimately look. My room dimensions are 12ft wide, 32ft long, 8ft feet high ceilings. Speakers are set apart 7 feet and essentially form an equilateral triangle to the PLP. Quiescent noise floor is 35db. Television 43 inches high to center of screen and 93 inches to PVP.
Golden Ear Triton Reference (pair), Musical Fidelity M6si, Schiit Yggdrasil-OG-B, Oppo UDP-205, Emotiva ERC-3, LG OLED65C9PUA, Salamander Synergy Triple Unit SL20, Audeze LCD-X, GIK acoustic paneling ;
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mbsales11701 Posted 4 years 4 months ago
Thank you for the responses!

I now in my possession the T1's, T2's, SCXXL, the Denon X8500h and the OLED C9.

I am reluctant to spend another 1200 on the 4 Atmos speakers, Monoprice has the Amber series 8" ceiling speakers with a ribbon tweeter for 125 bucks a pair, I am thinking of purchasing those instead as Atmos speakers are just for filler.

I was reviewing Sandy's set up tips, and theres one part I cannot visualize. How do I connect the 4 LFE plugs to take advantage of the T1's and T2's for home theater use?

Single RCA from X8500 LFE out to a Y Splitter, and then single cables from the splitter to the individual speakers?
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