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Hey Guys, You think I am a basshead???? I just got my hears re-calibrated here in New York City. We went inside St. Patricks Cathedral today and the...
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I currently have a single FF5 with a pair of Aon 3's. This is a 2.1 music only system in a medium size den. The area is closed off. The sub sits...
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I am a new owner of a ForceField 5 sub woofer. In researching things, I have found only a handful of reviews of these speakers so I thought I would...
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I installed my FF4 this past Tuesday. Yesterday I noticed something hanging down behind the front grill. I removed the grill and it was a 10" diameter...
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Is the wireless kit availabe as yet? If not, target date? Thanks.
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Just bought the Forcefield3 sub and all I can say is wow!My dealer said it needs about 40hrs to break in but I pulled it out of the box and replaced...
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Wow,just Wow is all i can say!Just got the forcefield 3 sub yesterday,brought it home and hooked it up and it rocks,haven't run room correction yet...