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Ronc Posted 11 years 2 months ago
I have had my Triton 2's for almost two years now and have enjoyed them incredibly, both with music and movies. I have the Sat 50c as the center channel but have always felt that it doesn't keep up well with the main speakers. Haven't listened to the 60c yet but am encouraged that Goldenear has looked to improve an already good thing.

I am always in the process of tweeking my system. Playing around with alll the electronic goodies and possibilities is a big part of the fun. Today I have a question about bi-amping the Triton 2's. I know the Triton's don't have a second set of binding posts for bi-amping but my question is more of a technicality when setting up Audyssey.

When using the Audyssey setup on my Integra 40.2 preamp, I am asked if the speakers (Triton 2's) are bi-amped. I have no experience with bi-amping but understand the fundimental concept. With the Triton's built in amp for the bass driver I assume the 200 watts per channel from my Acurus amp is being delivered to the midrange and tweeter drivers. Since there are two amplifiers in the loop (the Triton's built-in and my outboard Acurus amp) are the speakers considered to be bi-amped?

Thanks for your help with this.

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MOBrien Posted 11 years 2 months ago
From the view of your processor they are not bi-amped. Your processor is asking this so it can set crossover points for a speaker hooked up as bi-amped. In the case of the Triton twos you want to run them as "large" speakers in full range. The Triton's have crossovers that will sound better than anything your processor can accomplish. If you had speakers that did not have a built in amp for the subs and you were running one amp to the woofer and another amp to the mid/tweeter then you have a speaker in a bi-amp configuration and your processor would need to set the crossover points.

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Moderator Posted 11 years 2 months ago
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That is correct - and your receiver may also be asking in order to route those channels' signals to available amplifiers too. Again, does not apply to your setup.

Regarding the 50C, I would suggest a higher crossover point if you feel it does not "keep up" with the Triton Twos. A setting of 100 Hz would be the lowest, but you can try settings up to 150 Hz. Let the L/R Tritons handle the center channel frequencies below that with their built in powered bass section.

Glad you are enjoying your system.

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