file SS 50 C as surround???

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twotooneadam12 Posted 10 years 6 months ago
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I am planning on getting the SCXL in the new year to replace my SS50C.

1. I want to use my SS50C as a surround rear. By placing it vertically is it going to sound right with the way the tweeter is turned?

Or do i have to keep it horizontal?

2. Was listening to music tonight and noticed distortion coming from the left bass radiator. Which is odd because all of my bass goes to my subwoofer and my crossover is 150 hz.

Not sure what happened? Rest of speakers in system are functioning properly, including my titan 2's.

Do I take speaker to dealer??

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Moderator Posted 10 years 6 months ago
Hi -

SuperSat 50C is designed to be used horizontally.

We have seen a few cases of the internal damping material coming off the inside of the cabinet on the SuperSat 50's over time (its stuck to the cabinet walls to eliminate resonances) and causing the passive to rattle. Usually can just be pressed back in place (seems to be related to some temperature-extremes exposure because there have been very few). Just a guess, but could be, since they've been amazingly bullet proof so far. Your dealer can evaluate and service as needed.

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