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Looking for the shipping Box for The Super Center XL, thank you if someone can help me find one .
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I need another pair of back surround speakers Most wanted ss50 Would consider ss3 and BRX
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Hi everyone my name is John I am looking for a used pair of GE BRX’s please
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Looking to purchase a Supersub XXL to go with my Triton 1's. Willing to drive a fair distance or pay for shipping. Please contact me!
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looking for a pair of used or new Triton References in the Jersey area, I can travel 150 miles. Thanks in advance. What's the price of a new pair by...
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I recently bought a pair of TRITON Ones & it was love at first listen & now the upgrade bug is hitting me hard to go for a used pair of the Triton...
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Interested in purchasing a pair to Triton reference. Thank you.
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Hey folks, I'm looking for a used Supercenter XL. I live in the upper midwest, but would pay reasonable shipping from anywhere. i suppose I would...
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Hello, I am looking to buy used SuperSat 50's....L/C/R...only those in solid condition please.
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Hi everyone. I'd like to solicit some feedback please from my GoldenEar phriends. If GoldenEar manufactured noise cancelling headphones, I wouldn't...
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Hey everyone, I am doing a first floor, all in-ceiling speaker system. For my living room, I am looking for two HTR-7000s. For my division from...
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Looking for well-take-care-of SuperSat50c. Been watching the market closely and nice versions used are going in the $200-$300 range. If interested in...
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I am looking for a pair of Triton Reference speakers. I am located in the Omaha metro area. I would be willing to drive a reasonable distance, or pay for shipping.
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im looking to buy 3 HTR7000 ceiling speakers for a l/c/r in ceiling setup. If anyone has any openbox/used ones they are willing sell please let me know. thanks!
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Looking to buy a pair of supersat 3s. -Michael
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SuperCinema 3D Array XL And HTR 7000
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I bought my Supersat 3’s second hand and they didn’t come with any table top stands. I know most people mount them or use floor stands, so I’d...
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I am open to shipping if need be. I have Triton Ones and a Supercenter XXL presently. So I am vefy familiar with them.
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Looking to install a new system with the SuperSat 60 and 60C as my LCR.
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file Supercenter Xs Wanted
I know many of you are building bigger, got something new at the holidays, etc. and have a base model Supercenter X around that you don’t need any...
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