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rjohn79395 Posted 3 months 3 weeks ago
The T66 is an exciting extension to the speaker family by AudioQuest designers! New crossover, driver redesign, etc.

What can we expect for future technology and speaker design direction from the AudioQuest/GoldenEar combination of two great companies? So much combined expertise!!!

What would members like to see?

Happy listening!

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Samwise Posted 1 month 1 week ago
The reviews of the T66 sound great (my local dealer hasn't got any in yet for me to listen), but what concerns me is that the price seems to be going away from the GoldenEar mission of providing the performance of much more expensive speakers at a price that most people could afford. The T66 price isn't that bad, but when you consider that it is essentially replacing the Triton Two, it makes me concerned what the Triton One.R and Triton Reference replacements are going to cost.

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Moderator Posted 1 month 4 days ago
Hi Samwise, the new T66s are priced higher than the older Triton Two+s, however, their performance is substantially better than the Triton Two+s. In fact, when the T66s were in the final prototype stage, they were brought to a handful of dealers who heard them against the Triton One.Rs and these dealers preferred them over the Triton One.Rs. (Granted, the Triton One.Rs produce more bass than the T66s, but in other aspects, these dealers preferred the T66s.) The T66s truly complete with other loudspeakers that cost substantially more. Hopefully, you'll be able to audition the T66s soon and see (or hear) what you think.

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