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rjohn79395 Posted 11 months 3 weeks ago
Welcome back, GoldenEar forum!

I would love to see an expansion of GoldenEar information on their products, especially new, or envisioned in the pipeline .More about the new T66 and possible future siblings to it, maybe explanations from engineering staff or product development on what new technologies the newer products are offering.

Would love to see, and participate in, forum member's thoughts and wish lists. For starters, I'd love to see a SuperSub Reference offering with bigger drivers, latest driver technology that would be a giant killer in the sub arena, and an upgraded SuperSat option with a bit more bass handling and updated drivers for more surround speaker options.

What's on forum member's wish lists I wonder? And how can GoldenEar educate us more on their products? I'd love to see some lively discussions on this.

Happy listening!

5.4.4 HT speakers: T Ref fronts/LFE 1, SuperCenter Ref, T1 surrounds/LFE 2 + SuperSub XXL, HTR 7000 top fronts, HTR 8000 top rears
Zone 2 speakers; 2 Invisa 525's
AVR: Marantz SR 8015
Amp: AT525NC 5 channel
Cable/TiVo, OPPO BDP 105D, Bluesound Node 2i, Apple tv 4K streamer
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Samwise Posted 1 month 1 week ago
I second the Supersub Reference idea! Two 15-18" drivers would be awesome!
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