file Bookshelf Reference + Sub = Triton Two?

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cgott42 Posted 5 months 4 weeks ago
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I currently have a Triton Two (the original not the +), and absolutely love it - I love the sound stage and clarity. I have it paired with a SuperCenter Reference and Aon3's as surrounds, and adding 4 Atmos height channels. However I got the upgrade bug also thought that a bookshelf speaker would allow me to improve the room decor
Where does a Bookshelf Reference BRX+ SuperSub XXL compare to the current Triton tower lineup
(note I don't put the sub on too loud in order to not shake the upper floor - so I'm looking more for clarity in bass then to shake the house)

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Moderator Posted 5 months 2 weeks ago
Hi cgott42, Using a set of BRXs and a SuperSub XXL would work very well in a small/moderate sized listening room. I like the original Triton Twos quite a bit, but I'd rather have a set of BRXs and a SuperSub XXL. Happy Listening!

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twotooneadam12 Posted 5 months 1 week ago
I had the same idea about 2 months ago. I to have triton 2 originals. Amp died after 12yrs. So I thought I love my BRX’s and would have 4 of them. Chet helped me out and triton 2 amps for replacement will be around as they can accept the triton 2+ amp.

Suffice it to say, I use BRX x2 as surrounds. I have A/Bd them. Keep the triton 2’s. I find them better overall. The BRX’s are amazing, but the full range tower is better because it has another mid range driver in my opinion . I have 2 subs as well that go well below 20hz.

The BRX’S as surrounds are superb. The articulation with the triton 2’s extra driver give it a bit of an edge.

Hope that helps.

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