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ChillyGiff Posted 1 month 4 days ago
Hello all,
I just moved from a house with a dedicated theater to a much smaller space. There is no dedicated theater so trying to make do. The living room is really open and 15ft high ceilings and weird layout. Also, it has one of the dreaded tv built in areas but I managed to fit a 77 Oled.

I am trying to determine if should just add 4 atmos or redo my whole setup to match the room better. The house is open and there is bar that separates kitchen from living room, so acoustics suck.

Option 1) keep current setup and add 4 atmos speakers. What amp and speakers would you recommend for my room size?

Option 2) sell everything and start over. Should I get something that matches the room better? If so what would be some options?

My current setup:
Triton 5s
Super center
Super sat3s
2x SVS sb4000
Anthem MRX 720
Anthem MRX720
2x Triton Five
SuperCenter X
1x SuperSat 3

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Moderator Posted 3 weeks 6 days ago
Hi ChillyGiff, I certainly see your dilemma. This is a challenging setup. First, your Anthem MRX 720 receiver is a fine receiver. You could certainly upgrade it, but in this setup/system, I'm not sure how much improvement this would provide. You could also upgrade or change your speakers, however, the next upgrade to your Triton 5s would be the T66s. This would certainly improve, the clarity, imaging, and bass output of your system - and this may prove to be your best option.

Adding 4 x Atmos speakers would help provide another dimension of sound (or greater sensation of being "in the movie".) However, installing Atmos speakers into a 15 foot high ceiling would not provide the optimal Atmos effect (as normally intended by the recording engineers). If, however, you decide to add Atmos speakers, the Invisa 650s would be a good choice. (It looks like you would need to add a 4 x channel amplifier to your Anthem receiver in order to power the Atmos speakers.) Amplifiers from Cambridge Audio, Rotel, Anthem, and Parasound be a good choice. Overall, I might replace the Triton 5s with the T66s and/or add 4 x Invisa 650s as Atmos speakers to your current setup. Happy Listening!

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