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cgott42 Posted 5 months 4 weeks ago
Q#1 - I currently have Triton 2 (the original) , SuperCenter Reference, and Aon3's as surrounds (also adding Atmos speakers).
I want to use the Directional 4 sub ability of some AVRs - thus want to add 2 more subs for the back corners

I generally don't blast the subs as it disturbs my wife upstairs - so I currently have my Triton subs dialed down
My goal to add the subs is not to add more punch (the Tritons do great for that), but rather to add the dimensionality /location

If so - am I OK to add 2 GE Forcefield 3's
or do I need something more.

Q#2 - I'm also 50/50 about possibility upgrading to the Triton One.R - will that changes anything?

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Moderator Posted 5 months 2 weeks ago
Hi cgott42, Adding a set of ForceField 3 subwoofers to your system - and placing them in the back corners of your listening room should work very well. This will provide an evenness of bass throughout your listening room. This setup would provide a "bear hug" of bass around the listeners. Upgrading to the Triton One.Rs up front would be a nice upgrade from the Triton Twos - and you could still add two ForceField 3s to the back of your listening room - for the "bear hug effect". Happy Listening!

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