file Triton & Forcefield over kill?

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tlueders Posted 11 months 6 days ago
Current system: Two Triton 3, one Supersat 60 for center channel, two Supersat 3 rear and two for Atmos, two Forcefield 4 subwoofers. Tritons set to small.

Here are my questions:

I am thinking of buying a pair of Tritons 3 Plus and move my Triton 3s to the main floor. Considering I have the two subwoofers, is there any benefit direct connection of the Triton 3 + Subwoofer to the second output on my AVR, or is it overkill?

Same question if I buy a pair of Triton 2+ instead of 3+. Additionally, is there benefit of having Triton 2+ in a rom 14 x 14 feet, versus a pair of Triton 3+? .

I’m concerned I maybe “over egging the omelet”.


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Moderator Posted 11 months 5 days ago
Hi tlueders, In terms of bass output, I suspect two ForceField 4s would produce a realistic amount of bass in a 14' x 14' listening room. I wouldn't feel the need to connect the second LFE output to the Triton Three or Triton Three+ towers. You might try setting your receiver/processor to large front speakers and large side surrounds, though. This way, the front Triton towers and the side Triton towers would play the bass recorded on the front and side surround channels of your system. (You can always turn the bass controls on these towers up or down to your liking.)

Using a set of Triton Two+ towers in the front of your (instead of the Triton Three+s) would produce more detail, clarity and better imaging throughout the midrange frequencies. This would certainly be noticeable - even in a moderate sized listening room. Happy Listening!

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Timecop Posted 11 months 1 day ago
I’ve run Triton 2’s for L/R paired with a SuperSub X up front for 2.1 channel stereo listening, and it’s pretty amazing - my room is of similar size (19’ x 13’). I have a second sub that is activated when I use the system for home theater purposes. In terms of wiring, I have the system setup like the moderator suggests: T2’s set to large, wired by speaker wire only (no LFE). Similar to the moderators advice, I’d suggest considering stepping up to T2’s (or T1.r’s while you can get them) as they’ll make a big difference.
Triton Two front L/R
SuperSat 50c center
Triton Seven surround L/R
SuperSat 50 surround rear L/R
AVR Arcam AVR-21
Amp Marantz mm7025
Velodyne optimum 10” sealed, back left corner
SuperSub X front-right corner

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