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tallensr Posted 2 years 3 months ago
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And BTW, your Anthem MRX 1140 is a great receiver!

Thanks -- I absolutely love it! It was hard to pony up the extra $1.1K for the 1140 over the 740, and frankly the four extra powered ATMOS channels were not part of the equation for me. It was really about the toroidal transformer and the ability of the unit/ARC software to calibrate two subs independently and together (they are still working on calibrating for phase and polarity, but that feature works in their pre-amp now so should not be long). That said, being able to power a full 7.2.4 system cleanly from one AVR is awesome (and it runs very cool under load to boot).

Once I got the SuperSats broken in and the room calibrated with ARC Genesis, things really opened up. The neutrality and the smoothness that GEs and their HVFR tweeters are known for really shine on the 1140. And even with just the "baby" SuperSub X there is bottom end to spare (both in punch and adding that "stage floor" to the presentation).

So excited to see what adding the big brother SuperSub XXL and the 60s up front will do for it (and moving the 50s to the main surrounds as well)! ATMOS will be a bit down the road for me -- need to figure out the best way to support them in a drop ceiling.
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