file Optimum Heighth for mounting surrounds & rear

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undergroundInstaller Posted 11 years 4 months ago
I am currently building my second home theater and I am leaning heavily toward purchasing the Triton Twos for my mains, the Super Sat 50C for my center channel and Super Sat 3's for surrounds and rears. In my previous home theater, I used Axiom QS8's for my surrounds and rears. Axiom recommends installing their surrounds no closer than 6 inches from the ceiling to optimize the speaker's top firing speaker reflecting off the ceiling. I really liked the QS8's for their superior ambient producing sound, but I am absolutely in love with the Triton 2's superior sound quality and absolutely magnificent imaging capabilities. Previously I have never timber matched surrounds with my front and center speakers, but with the Golden Ear superior sonic and imaging capabilities I am very compelled to do it with a Golden installation.

I said all of this, to ask this. Is there an optimum height placement position for the Super Sat3's in the side and rear surround positions, I have read in the manual that they recommend the side surrounds slightly behind the listener and above them, but nothing is specific about how high above the listener they should be placed. I know that much of this placement is personal preference, but I am wondering if Golden Ear has experimented with different height placements and discovered an optimum height position for best imaging and ambient producing surround sound out of their speakers (a sort of sweet spot for the Super Sat3's in the surround and rear positions).

My current home theater is in the rough in stage and so I have a fairly clean slate with regards to where to place my surround and rear speakers. I will be wall mounting and so I need to intalll my speaker wire boxes now before I sheetrock so when I mount my speakers the wire boxes will be concealed by the speakers. I can provide additional information about the room dimensions etc. if you need it to answer my question, but I did not want to bore your forumn readers with any additional details, because I have waxed too long already. I look forward to your response. Thanks.

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WayneWilmeth Posted 11 years 4 months ago
Hi Installer,
I am sure your question will be best answered by Moderator dude.
But, if you are looking for 2 cents, here is mine:
I would mount them on the same lateral axis as the Triton 2s. In other words, with tweeter at listener's ear height. My thinking is for music, surround sound coming equally from all directions. Think of Triton 2s all around the listener, that would be AWESOME!!!!!
But if there is a hazard to people walking by and hitting the speakers, knocking into them on the walls, then of course, mount them higher, out of the way.
BTW I liked your shorthand, referring to a "Golden installation". I hope yours will be just that.
I am just now building my HT, and will use floor standing surrounds (unfortunately NOT Triton 2s all around).
Enjoy and hope this helps some.
God bless the child that's got his own.

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Moderator Posted 11 years 4 months ago
Thanks for the nice comments, and yes, using GoldenEar speakers all around creates quite the spectacular experience.

Surround/Rear speaker height is a somewhat personal taste and room "fit" decision. I personally like to mount surrounds/rears up towards the ceiling as I feel this creates a more theater-like surround experience - plus I think this just "fits" better in terms of blending in the room environment instead of standing out. Others prefer the "all at ear height" installations, as this will give more precise imaging and consistent tonal balance (whether that matters for surround/rear sound is another one of those opinion debates - and it may depend on whether you're listening to mutli-channel music or watching a surround sound movie,

Hope this helps, have fun.

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