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benmasters Posted 2 months 1 week ago
An update - this is fixed now. Goldenear in Europe sourced a replacement for the failed driver - that had to come from the US and the centre ribbon tweeter - it is relatively easy DIY job providing you go slowly. The tweeter will come out better if you gently heat from the rear as there is a small amount of adhesive holding it in along with the studs/nuts, then run a craft knife around the edge before pushing it from the front and it should come out.

Just make sure all the wiring is snug against the drivers when you put the back on so that no wires or foam are pinched if you do have to open one of these up. When you put the bolts back in which hold the front together - there are like 24+ or something - just install and tighten them in a even way - dont start from one end and work you way to the other end - go back and forth to get an even tightness.

All sounds perfect now!

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