file How is the MPX as a center?

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RPiatt Posted 9 years 6 months ago
Good suggestions. She really wants the center to "disappear", giving her the whole 11.5 inches of space on the wall to play with.

Random thought:

Can you color match the center grill and cabinet (of my 50c) for example using the same spray method shown in the MPX manual for painting the grill? I could attach it to the TV, color match it, and then do MPX speakers in the other 4 locations. (More directly, ever heard of anyone painting their SuperSat speakers?)

Any way I could order a 50C replacement grill to test this out on?

Just completely thinking out loud. I am a big Goldenear fan, and the boss is too, as long as I can solve the "looks" problem. The center channel is a conundrum.
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